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Mr. Man Episode Index

Episode 1 Episode 11: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bean?
Episode 2 Episode 12: The Terrifying Totem Pole Ptaranadon
Episode 3 Episode 13: Mr. Man in Deep (Not Shallow) Space
Episode 4 Episode 14: Attack of the Rampaging Red Rabbits
Episode 5: A Cereal Killer Episode 15: Mr. Man & the Freaky Frog Fungi
Episode 6 Episode 16
Episode 7 Episode 17
Episode 8: Attack of the Bombarding Bad-Breath Broccoli Episode 18: Return of Cliff Man
Episode 9 Episode 19: Attack of the Cones
Episode 10: Mr. Man and the Hideous Hair Ball Harassment Episode 20

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Mr. Man Episodes
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